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Youni is a Charabom that appears in Bomberman Tournament and Bomberman Max 2. He is a winged unicorn-like Charabom that is related to Youno, making them brothers.

Bomberman Tournament[]


Youni is given to Bomberman by Rao, a wise man trapped in Golem Base.

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleEarth (Earth)
SmallHp 180


With Youni equipped, Bomberman can dig up the 4 glass slots in Access Point, which have been covered in volcanic ash. After the slots have been cleared, Bomberman can then place the Medals obtained after defeating the four Dastardly Bombers into the slot in order to activate the teleport.

Youni can be fused with Unagi to create SeaWing.

Special Attack[]

His Special Attack is Typhoon: he sends a gust of wind at his opponent.

Bomberman Max 2[]



  • Youni was wrongly named "Youno" in the Bomberman Max 2 version. Youno is the brown unicorn while Youni is the blue winged unicorn. This error is most likely because Youno is absent in this game, and their name is very close to each other.
  • In Bomberman Tournament, since Youni told Bomberman that he and Youno used to live together in Fantasy before being separated by the Five Dastardly Bombers, this confirms that Youni and Youno are indeed brothers, with Youni being the older brother and Youno the younger brother.
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