Yoroisu (ヨロイス) is an enemy in the Bomberman series.

Super Bomberman

Yoroisu moves about aimlessly, only changing direction when colliding with bombs, enemies, and walls. It can block frontal assaults with its shield, but it must stop moving in order to do so. It will also charge Bomberman if he is within 5 spaces and there are no obstacles between them. Yoroisu requires 8 hits to destroy.[1]

Super Bomberman 5

In Super Bomberman 5, Yoroisu only requires 4 hits to destroy, cannot block explosions with its shield, and charges Bomberman at a significantly faster pace regardless of how many spaces away Bomberman is.

Bomberman DS

In Bomberman DS, Yoroisu only requires 4 hits to destroy, does not charge Bomberman on sight, and will momentarily move about at a faster pace when attacked.



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