The Yo-yo is an equippable weapon that appears in Bomberman Quest. By pressing the assigned button, Bomberman will throw the Yo-yo in whichever direction he is facing. Its maximum reach is four tile spaces.

If the Yo-yo strikes a bomb, that bomb will move one tile space in the opposite direction, and the Yo-yo will retract. If Bomberman places a bomb and uses the Yo-yo while still standing on the bomb, the bomb will still be moved in the direction in which he is facing. However, if the pushed bomb is a Speed Bomb, it will move farther, faster, and will detonate more quickly. The Yo-yo is most effective when used with Speed Bombs. It is found by defeating Buroru.

In Bomberman Hero, there is the Options menu with Bomberman playing with his yo-yo while it was rotating. This was not seen as an idle animation for the player other than sleeping, as seen in Bomberman Max 2.


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