The World Bombers are a recurring group of Bombermen. Most of them appear in Battle Game as selectable characters. Each World Bomber comes from a different country, and they all have varying battle tactics.

In Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W, most of them appear as bosses, and were brainwashed by Bagura to cause chaos. After their defeat, they were released from the mind control. In Super Bomberman 3, they can appear as White, Black, Red, Blue, and Green variations in Battle Game. Bomberman Party Edition also introduces Yellow variants.


Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W

Super Bomberman 3


  • Metal Bomber is the only member that shows up in both appearances of the group (albeit with a redesign); although Pretty Bomber also appears as a random opponent in Panic Bomber W, the manual lists her birthplace as "unknown" and doesn't yet consider her a World Bomber.[1]
  • In Super Bomberman 3, Pretty Bomber's country of origin was originally listed as "French" in the game. This was corrected in the European version and, oddly enough, a screenshot in page 24 of the Japanese manual.



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