The Wohho Safehouse (ウッホのアジト, Uhho no ajito) is a trap that appears in several Bomberman games.

The Safehouse takes up a 3x3 tile area and is usually positioned in a defensive area of the map. From the front of the fort, Caveman Wohhos will emerge one-by-one when there are less than the allotted amount for that particular map (usually after one or more of the Wohhos have been eliminated by the player). The only way to stop the enemies is to destroy the Safehouse,[1] which takes 8 bomb blasts to destroy. Setting bombs in front of the doorway on the Safehouse can effectively prevent enemies from coming out, though there will usually be one left to escape after the Safehouse crumbles.

In Super Bomberman 5, a Wohho Safehouse takes only 4 hits to destroy, and takes longer to spawn Caveman Wohhos.




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