The Wings (ウイング, Wing, in Japan) are an item that first appeared in Pocket Bomberman. They grant the power of flight.

In Pocket Bomberman, the Wings are a power-up that allow Bomberman to fly by repeatedly pressing the jump button.[1] Each time the jump button is pressed, Bomberman will rise higher.

In Bomberman Fantasy Race, the Wings are a power-up item. They allow the player to float through the air for a certain amount of time. They may be purchased in the shop or collected on a course.[2]

In Bomberman Quest, the Wings are an equippable weapon that allow Bomberman to fly through the air for a period of time. While in the air, Bomberman can cross large pits and avoid all attacks.[3] However, he cannot make any attacks while flying. The Wings item is essentially a more powerful version of the Jump Shoes.


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