Western Zone (ウシロノショウメン, literally Behind the front, in Japan) is the second stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman. It appears to be located in Green Village. All players begin each match in the middle of this stage, standing back to back. There are no traps in this stage, and there are fewer items than there are in the Normal Zone.


  • Traps: N/A
  • Soft Blocks: 65
  • Items: 18 (27%)
    • SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp
    • SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp
    • SB1SpeedUp SB1SpeedUp
    • SB1FullFire SB1FullFire
    • SB1Kick SB1Kick SB1Kick
    • SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove
    • SB1Skull


  • In the North American instruction booklet, "Zone" is dropped from the stage's name along with Normal. This is corrected in the European instruction booklet to match the rest of the Battle Mode stages.


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