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Water Stone

The Water Stone is one of the seven Elemental Stones in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.


The Water Stone is carried by Behemos, Lord of the Frozen Wastes on the Ocean Planet Aquanet. This stone, according to the main sequence is the first to be gained (the Wind Stone is the other option.) After Bomberman defeats Behemos he claims the stone, gaining access to a completely new type of bombs. It looks like an upside-down teardrop, colored turquoise. Bomberman uses its power to help free Aquanet from the BHB's control. As the story nears its end Rukifellth uses it temporarily to awaken his real body, and it is last seen after the Angel's defeat with its rightful owner Behemos. Behemos takes the Water Stone with him before he leaves to wander a while in the galaxy, ever ready to face evil again as an elemental knight.

Bomb Ability[]

Ice Bombs: Through use of the Water Stone Bomberman can create Ice Bombs. These Bombs explode in an expanding circle and can freeze any unfortunate enemies caught in the blast. Ice bombs are very similar to fire bombs in appearance except that instead of black they are colored turquoise/light blue, and have a kind of gridded reflective pattern. Bomberman can use a maximum of 3 at a time (one more for each bombup after 1). Ice bombs freeze water and lava, creating miniature glaciers for Bomberman to walk across.

  • Big Ice Bombs: When Bomberman pumps up an ice bomb it does not necessarily increase its range, but explodes upwards with the same circle of ice before only with a large shard of ice expanding upwards. This way aerial opponents cannot escape the blast. It also lasts much longer than regular ice bombs thanks to its size.