Water Commander is a character of the Bomberman series and the only female of the Four Commanders, a group of thieves led by Chaos Bomber. She is also only female of the Bombastic Team.

Appearing as a boss in the game Bomberman Quest, she is a young girl who specializes in infiltration techniques. Able to manipulate water at will, She prefers to use Rubber Bombs. She rules the Field Zone.

She later appeared in unreleased game Bomberman Journey as a hero, helping Shiro, Kuro and Louie. There, she is unable to manipulate water, but instead gaining the ability to manipulate her bombs.

Outside of Bomberman Quest, she goes by name Aurenita (Russian: Ауренита).


In Bomberman Quest, the Four Commanders stole the four engines of the shuttle White Bomber was riding, forcing him to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet. As Bomberman was taking previously captured monsters to be imprisoned in Bomber Planet, all the monsters on board took this opportunity to escape. The newly freed monsters began to attack the residents of that Planet, throwing the cities into panic. Wanting to recapture the monsters and recover his engines, Bomberman confronted the first of the Four Commanders: the Water Commander. Thinking Bomberman was cutie and handsome, at first she through he was an candidate to have an relationship with her (as she was looking for a boyfriend and even had an ad sign of "singles" in her lair). When she found out he only wanted to capture her and his engine back, she decided to battle him because she was bored. Bomberman defeated and imprisoned her.

In some Russian manuals, it says that when she was imprisoned, she started to promise that she won't be evil ever and beg for mercy. She later showed as a good character and a hero in some unreleased Russian games, such as Bomberman Journey. Also it can be possible that she could be good before, but eventually being brainwashed by Chaos Bomber.


She is a very strong-willed, spunky young girl. Light-hearted, jovial and flirtatious, she flirts with any man she sees and then blow them up if they're not her type. Despite the shallow persona, she's a dangerous force. However, as Aurenita, she portrayed as a very close childhood friend of Bomberman, and, like in Quest, still cheerful and jovial, but at one time spunky and upbeat person. She is "Slippy Toad" of the Bombastic Team.

Despite she is a girl, she also has some knowledge of enginering and great mechanical skills: all Bomba-flyers of Bombastic Team were built by her.


  • She can throw two bombs, which will bounce randomly around the room.
  • If Bomberman lay down any bombs, she will spin and throw balls that will destroy these bombs.
  • When she starts losing energy she will dig up the floor for mini-hearts.
  • In Journey, she has ability to transform bombs to Rubber Bombs and manipulate her own bombs.


  • In the game Bomberman Journey and the later games, she appears as an ally.
  • The artwork portrays her with a katana sheath on her back, though she never actually uses it.
  • It is possible that she wasn't intended to be evil before the Four Commanders, but was brainwashed by Chaos Bomber to be evil until she was defeated and imprisoned by Shiro.
  • Also it is possible she could be a human cyborg (like Pretty Bomber) because she has human eyes, human hands (but Bomberman Journey artwork portrays her with original balled hands) and hairs. Plus, in unreleased Russian Nintendo DS game Bomberman Max 3 by entering password WTCLX she will pull off her mask, revealing her nose and mouth.
  • Bomberman Quest was the first and the last game where her legs were covered. It is also the first and the last game where she's evil and goes by name Water Commander.
  • She was changed to good because White Bomberman's previous girlfriend, Cylia, betrayed him.


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