Hi there, cutie! Did you see my singles ad and come looking for me?

Water Commander, Bomberman Quest

Water Commander is a character who appears in Bomberman Quest. She is the only female member of the Four Commanders, a group of thieves led by Chaos Bomber. Appearing as a boss, she is a strong-willed girl who specializes in infiltration techniques, and has ability to manipulate water. She rules the Field Zone.


In Bomberman Quest, the Four Commanders stole the four engines of the Bomber Shuttle that Bomberman was flying, forcing him to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet. Seeking to recover the engines, Bomberman confronted Water Commander in the Field Zone.

Thinking Bomberman was handsome, Water Commander tried to flirt with him (as she was looking for a boyfriend and even had a singles ad in her lair). When she found out that he only wanted to capture her and get his engine back, she decided to "play" with him because she was bored. She was defeated and presumably captured by Bomberman.


Water Commander is strong-willed and flirtatious. Despite her shallow personality, she is still a dangerous force.

Boss Fight

Water Commander's bombs explode in a cross shape and have a Fire range of 2. She moves around randomly and will harm Bomberman on collision. She has 6 HP and yields the first engine as well as an Explosive Core upon her defeat.


  • She can throw two Rubber Bombs, which will bounce randomly around the room.
  • If Bomberman lays down any bombs, she will spray water that will defuse them, no matter how far away they are from her. The defused bombs will then disappear.


  • Because Water Commander's spray attack makes it difficult to catch her in an explosion, and because she uses Rubber Bombs, it is possible for the player to just wait until she blows herself up.
  • If Bomberman uses the Yo-yo to push one of his bombs after Water Commander has initiated her spray attack, the water will land on the bomb's previous position and thus will not defuse the bomb. In this way, direct attacks can be made against her.


  • The artwork portrays Water Commander with a sheathed katana on her back, though she does not actually use it in battle.



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