Water from Super Bomberman 2.

Don't go in! Bomberman can't swim!!

Pommy, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Water appears as a trap in some Bomberman games.


Super Bomberman 2

In Super Bomberman 2, bodies of water act as normal Hard Blocks and are impassable to explosions, enemies, and the player. However, if the player uses a Trampoline to jump and lands on a tile space containing water, Bomberman will drown and the player will lose a life. It should be noted that only the tile spaces that are fully covered with water can harm Bomberman, as he will bounce across the edge tiles of a pool.

Bomberman 64/Bomberman 64: The Second Attack


Bomberman drowning in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!

In these games, water lies on a level below the floor, and Bomberman will drown if he falls off of a platform and into it. Enemies can be stunned and thrown into water to instantly eliminate them, but the player cannot collect any spoils from them if they are eliminated in this manner. In Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, Pommy will respawn at the location of the player if he falls into water, and Baelfael will lose 1 HP and reappear above the arena if he is tossed into it.

Bomberman Wars

In this game, water is impassable to most characters, but explosions will pass over it. If a bomb is placed on a tile space that contains water, the bomb will be eliminated without an explosion.

Bomberman Hero

If Bomberman falls into water, he will lose one unit of life and will be tossed back up into the air. While being tossed, the player can move Bomberman around so that he lands on solid ground rather than back into the water. There are also certain underwater levels where Bomberman must use the Bomber Marine to navigate through.

Bomberman Quest

If Bomberman enters a body of water, he will slowly take damage 1 HP at a time unless the Scuba Gear is equipped.

So be careful.

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