The Warship Noah is the final level in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!.


The Warship has limited colors painted mostly in grey, black, or white. Most of the machines have blue waves running across them to show that they have power running through them. The command room of the ship is hidden deep within behind several security measures. A room of lava, a panel operated with card keys, and two engine rooms keep the security of the ship tight.


Upon arriving, Bomberman and Pommy must navigate through a series of rooms that require key cards and defeating enemies in order to advance. In the second room of the ship the player sees a panel that requires three key cards. After retrieving all three, the panel sinks into the floor and a boss fight against the goddess Mihaele (still in Lilith's body) begins.

After the fight, the player is allowed to travel deeper into the Warship, until they eventually reach the control room where a standoff between Bulzeeb and Rukifellth was just concluding. Bulzeeb is destroyed by a black hole blast and the player must clear one more room before being able to face Rukifellth in combat.

The Warship has rooms that are mostly grey and metallic looking. They are various lights that wipe across panels and walls throughout the ship. It has more puzzles than any other level in the game. It is also the only level in the game that progress cannot be saved in after clearing it.


  • Red and Blue Spirit Wolves
  • BHB Soldier Elite
  • BH-Type 03
  • BH-Type 04
  • Soul Eater


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