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The Warp (ワープ), or Warp Hole (ワープホール) is a trap that appears in many Bomberman games.


By stepping onto a Warp, a player will be transported to another Warp. Typically, each Warp is directly linked to another specific Warp, so that, for example, a player entering Warp A will always exit at Warp B. In Normal Mode, Warps are usually set up in pairs as a means for players to get from one part of the map to another. In Battle Mode, Warps may be daisy chained in a ring, or may be set up in some other configuration by which two specific Warps do not directly access each other.

There is another notable difference between Warps in Normal and Battle Mode. In Normal Mode, a warping player is usually rendered invincible for a brief amount of time after emerging from a Warp. In Battle Mode, however, players emerging from Warps are often immediately vulnerable to attacks. As a result, players may choose to "camp" Warps by setting bombs next to them in the hopes that an emerging player will be caught in the blast.

Some types of Warps may also warp bombs. When a bomb is placed or thrown onto these types of Warps, the bomb will emerge from the linked Warp and will be thrown out.

In the second Battle Mode Stage of Super Bomberman 2, players who enter a Warp Hole can be seen shooting through the underground tunnels, making it easier to tell where the player will turn up. When exiting a Warp Hole, the player is launched high into the air, safe from immediate attacks.

Warps often take the form of Antlion Pits (蟻地獄) in desert areas. Their functionality does not differ from normal warps.

In Super Bomberman 4, the Warp is known as a "Karakuri Floor" (からくり床), meaning "Trick Floor" or "Mechanical Floor". They appear as springs that throw players from one area to another.

In Bomberman '94, the Warp is a trapdoor.

In Bomberman Tournament, it appears in a form of a tree stump, found in the L.Forest of Grass Zone. It keeps the same behavior as the other version from the other games.

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