Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! is a crossover game with Nintendo's Wario in the Bomberman series. The game is based on the game Bomberman GB that was released in Japan in August 1994. Wario was exclusively added to Western releases and aside from his presence, the game is mostly unchanged and plays like other Bomberman titles. The Bomberman GB released in the West is actually the Japanese Bomberman GB 2.


Wario Blast

One day, as Wario went out for a stroll, he came across Bomberman's world; Wario began to pillage the world for treasure in hopes of becoming rich. Only Bomberman can stop Wario's greedy, yet evil plans. It is up to the player who succeeds.

Bomberman GB

Bomberman is out for a stroll one day on his Moto, when suddenly he is ambushed by a group of Black Bombermen and is tackled, resulting in five of his Power-Ups- Kick, the Dash Shoes, the Trouncer, Line Bomb, and the aforementioned Moto, being forcibly taken by the Black Bombermen. Determined to get his prized possessions back, Bomberman races out to stop the dark bombers.


The player can choose to play as either Wario or Bomberman, but this doesn't change the gameplay. There are eight worlds in total including three regular levels and one boss level each.


A screenshot from Wario Blast

The gameplay is similar to other Bomberman games. The player has to blow up his or her enemies via the use of bombs to advance. The player maneuvers around a grid-like playing field, setting off bombs to blow up unsuspecting enemies and destroy walls to clear the way and to reveal occasional power-ups. The player wins by defeating the enemy character and the other Bombermen or False Warios. The player must win two of the three rounds to advance to the next level.

When playing the game on the Super NES with a Super Game Boy, an additional multiplayer mode for up to four players is available.


The following list uses the Japanese names from the original game Bomberman GB.
Bomberman GB (Wario Blast)

Box Art of Bomberman GB