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Wario's Christmas Tale (also known as Wario's Weihnachtsmärchen in Germany) is an 8 page comic. It was published as part of the Club Nintendo comics that were featured only in Germany. Please note that any English scans on this page have been fan translated.


Wario is the owner of a bomb shop with Bomberman as his primary sales clerk. On Christmas Eve, Wario yells at Bomberman for stopping to rest during his busy time. Kid Klown appears and has ordered a special bomb and Wario takes Kirby (who was being held captive in a cage for unknown reasons) and paints him black before selling him to Kid.

Bomberman then asks if he will receive time off for Christmas and Wario, outraged at this, fires Bomberman on the spot. Wario heads home and when he goes to bed that night, is awoken by the spirits of the past, present, and future. After a series of flashbacks and flash forwards, Wario sees the error in his ways.

He makes amends with Bomberman by reinstating him and giving him the time off he wanted. Wario then makes amends with everyone he wronged and celebrates Christmas with the Marios and their friends.



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