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Wanigeta Bomber is a Super Combined Bomberman debuting in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 28.


He was combined from a crocodile and a sandal. His purpose was to steal the unique legendary trumpet on Planet Swing. Throwing bombs at Wanigeta Bomber had no effect. However, Rui would use the vacuum on, making Wanigeta Bomber turn red and laugh. With his mouth open, White Bomber threw a bomb in him, defeating Wanigeta Bomber in the process.


Wanigeta Bomber is a combination of a crocodile and a sandal. His body is in the form of the sandal. His head and limbs are given in the appearance of the crocodile. He is also wearing sunglasses and has hair.


  • Sandal Bomb - When it hits someone, they'll be wearing heavy sandals, making them immobile.


  • Wanigeta Bomber is the very first Super Combined Bombermen to be created.
  • Wani means crocodile, while geta means sandal.


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