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SB3 - Volcano

Volcanoes are a type of trap in the Bomberman series.


Appearing in fire-based worlds, they are large, stationary volcanoes, typically taking up a 3x3 tile section of the map. They lie dormant for some time, seeming to be a part of the scenery, until they wake up and reveal their eyes and emit several fireballs before going back to sleep and returning to dormancy. The fireballs fly up out of the top of the screen, and then land in random positions on the map, as announced by flashing shadows that appear at their landing points. When a fireball hits the ground, it may destroy a Soft Block, detonate a bomb, or damage a player (they do not directly affect other game elements, such as Core Mechanisms or monsters).

The volcano itself is indestructible.

In Bomberman '94, the fireballs only stun the player on collision.

In Super Bomberman 5, fireballs can also damage colliding enemies.

B Max 1 - Volcano

In Bomberman Max, the traditional volcano trap appears, as well as a second type of volcano that only appears on Zaurus Star. This other volcano trap appears slightly different and more humanoid compared to the traditional type, but rather than emitting fireballs, it lets loose a steady stream of lava from its "mouth", which pours downward until it hits a wall or bomb. In both cases, the player will be stunned on collision with the fireballs and lava, and their power-ups will be scattered away.




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