The Invincible Suit, also known as the Fireproof Suit/Vest and Mystery Item (NES version), is a recurring item in the Bomberman series. It makes the player invincible to all dangers, including their own bomb blasts, for a short period of time.


The Invincible Suit allows a player to pass through monsters and other dangerous obstacles without taking damage. Generally, this allows the player to place bombs in more strategic positions. For example, a player can walk through a monster, placing a bomb on either side of it, trapping it with ease. Players may also pass through dangerous, obstacle-ridden areas of the map without care, allowing for faster stage completion. It also allows players to survive their own mistakes without penalty.

Because an invincible player cannot be hurt by bomb blasts, players can use this to their advantage by constantly pressing the bomb place button (If you have a power glove, you have to wait for the bomb explosion). Doing this while walking around will make the player a walking explosion and can destroy Soft Blocks and enemies easily. Pursuing opposing players is also a good idea, but caution must be taken because the ability will wear off eventually, and this can cause a player to die in his or her own explosion.

If you have a remote control bomb, You can avoid the risk of self-destruction, Because you can just press the "Bomb placing button" and the "Bomb-Detonating Button" at the same time, this also avoids bombing the exit (Single player mode), and avoids destructing important items (Such as a Full fire, Heart, or even another Suit).

Another thing to note is that using this strategy in single player mode can cause you to recklessly bomb the exit. This will make more enemies appear and make clearing the stage more difficult.

In most games, while under the protection of the Invincible Suit, the player's character will flicker on and off screen, or will flash white. When the powerup's effect is about to be lost, the player's character will generally flicker much faster.


  • This item works a little oddly in Bomberman II in that it only shields against flames (like a Flame Pass), but also causes players to be knocked back about four tiles by bomb explosions.


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