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Vega is the pet of Altair and a villain in Bomberman 64.


Some time in the past, Altair and his henchmen stole the Omni Cube from Sirius and decided to conquer planets around the universe, one of them being Bomber Planet. White Bomberman and Sirius joined forces to stop the evil group of masked bombers After the fall of Artemis, Orion, and Regulus Altair and Vega teamed up to fight Bomberman.
When it became clear that they weren't able to defeat White Bomber, the duo fused to became a being known as "Super Altair."

Super Altair

This, however, wasn't enough to defeat Bomberman, who managed to overthrow the now fused duo. Regulus tried to rescue the newly-formed Super Altair, just to be defeated by Sirius, who managed to vaporize Altair and Vega at the same time with a giant beam.


Being Altair's pet servant and robot guardian, Vega is a mechanical droid obsessed with overkill who serves as a distraction in the battles where Altair participates.


  • Like many characters in the series, Vega can plant Bombs
  • Vega can also shoot a laser beam capable of vaporizing any matter it hits
  • In the "Super Altair" form, he can teleport out of danger and also shoot a purple blade at Bomberman that stun him.

Gold Cards

  1. Defeat his first form in any manner

    Vega when he appears before the boss fight with Altair

  2. Bounce a pumped bomb off his head
  3. Catch him a pumped bomb explosion
  4. Defeat his second form without throwing him over the edge
  5. Defeat his second form by target time (Which is very easy)


  • Altair and Vega fuse when one of the two are hit 3 times.
  • Vega gets its name from the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra, sharing the star naming motif with Altair, Masked Trio and Sirius.