Hello all. Been a long time since I've grazed these parts. Looks like the wiki is trucking along still, and in good hands as well!

I've been focusing many of my recent efforts on Youtube and recording Bomberman footage, but I wanted to stop by and share something. Thanks to the help of several Bomber friends, we have compiled a massive collection of Bomberman manuals. Feel free to sift through these at your leisure and download what you like:!8y5VlCaY!ZIG3c3FzsY4oYghxnR0CyA

On top of that, our friend Ragey has been tirelessly buying and scanning Japanese guidebooks for many Bomberman games. This collection is so impressive, it can't be passed up:!nlJzxLIL!by212_z3nlqNoJazHL42BA

Hope you all enjoy these and take care my friends!