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Hello. My name is ZeoSpark and I have played Bomberman since I was younger. I still do remember when I first played a Bomberman game when it was many years ago and that game was Super Bomberman 2. Sad that this wiki isn't that much active but I'll try to edit here as much as I can.

I'm pretty much finished with the levels of Bomberman 64 (see under the stages) and I'm going back to working on levels of Bomberman Hero. I'd finished the levels of Planet Bomber and I intend on getting them all created and completed! I only wished I knew half of the enemy's names in this game but my names will have to do for now.

NOTE: I am back to edit the wiki but not too frequently. I'll try to get more edits in for now as I still need to create the levels for Bomberman Hero. I got up to the Kantina Star pages and plan on completing the rest of them soon. Just give me some time and I'll get on it! Thanks!

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