File:Lamers Ashel.png

My Ashel Leblanc artwork. Dressed little different than original, but still cute.

Note: Marionist98 is my YT account.

I am the young Russian boy who likes Mario, Kid Klown and Bomberman, is neutrally to Pacman and Zelda and hates Sonic and Call of Duty. I have some Bomberman fanchars, for example: Perlovka-chan, Bomberman's girlfriend; Taininka-chan, Black Bomber's girlfriend; Tsonna, the astronom girl from New Mytischi (Russian: Новые Мытищи); king Duminen and Bombnam, the old man who rides the carpet. And few others.

Believe or not, I also have some knowledge of Game Maker.

Bomberman game I'm creating now:

  • Bomberman and Chronicles of the Veronicle Gem (Mario style platformer, based on Bomberman 64)
  • Aurenita's Quest (Semi-3D platformer, based on Bomberman 64 too)
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