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The Ultimate Buggler is Buggler's final form and part of the second phase of the Black Hole after defeating Great Gattaida. It's also known as the final boss of Super Bomberman R.


When he becomes the Ultimate Buggler, the Ultimate Buggler resembles the Great Gattaida. His face matches his normal form, though his right eye now glows red. His chest has the icon for the Black Hole, but with a red tint.

After his Great Gattaida was destroyed, Buggler turned the tables by absorbing the Great Gattaida, transforming into Ultimate Buggler. The Bomberman Bros do not have the confidence to face him until the Five Dastardly Bombers team up with the Bomberman Bros and White Bomber absorbs the Black Hole's energy to make him humongous. Seeing this, Buggler still intends to conquer the universe, even if it means fighting someone his own size. However, he is defeated, and while vanishing, he leaves a final message:

"Remember this, though, Bombermen... It was the evil in the hearts of life-forms across the universe that created me... As long as that evil does not disappear... I shall always... always... return..."


The Ultimate Buggler uses the same moves that the Great Gattaida used; however, his attacks have purple effects. As with the Great Gattaida, when his health is dropped below half, his attacks speed up. His shoulders must be drained of their health, after which his chest can be hit.


The Ultimate Buggler has four attacks. 1. Closing Hands. 2. Side Swipe. 3. Scattered Blasts. And 4. Beam.