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Uiteru V (ウイテルV) is the final boss in Super Bomberman. It emerges from the wreckage of Spiderer, and is piloted by Carat Diamond and Dr. Mook.


Uiteru V moves in a circular, clockwise pattern at a speed of 3, passing over all obstacles and pursuing the player. It periodically casts out Skull items, which bounce over obstacles and land on random spaces. It will damage players and detonate bombs that collide with the shadow of the bottom of its body.

Uiteru V is completely unaffected by explosions, and can only be damaged by a punched bomb. The bomb must land on the boss's collision area for any damage to be dealt. When hit, Uiteru V will pause for a brief amount of time, during which it can or cannot detonate bombs that connect with it.

It is not possible to defeat the boss without the use of the Boxing Glove. If the player does not have a Boxing Glove item, they must wait for one to appear on the map, as random items appear for every two notches that are depleted on the Time Counter.

After the battle, the destruction of Uiteru V caused Diamond Tower to collapse, ultimately leading to the surrender of Diamond and Mook.



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