Twist is a minor character who is Shout's father, who appears in the Bomberman Jetters anime debuting in "The Five Jetters".


He owns the ramen shop that Shout helps to run after losing her mother in an accident. Little is known about him besides what other characters, such as Ein, tells about him, either through flashbacks or informing other characters of his personality.

His face is mostly seen hiding behind the newspaper he reads, hidden off-screen, behind something or too far away for the audience to see.

In the final episode, it is hinted that Twist has been seeing Mama. This is the only time Twist speaks.



Shout is Twist's daughter and one of his employees working in the ramen shop.


Natsumi is Twist's wife and mother of Shout. It was revealed that Natsumi died in an accident, which has deeply torn the family.


  • Twist's face is rarely seen in the anime. However, he shows his face in episodes 26 and 52, both of which are the last episodes for their season.
  • He never had speaking lines in the entire anime.


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