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B DS - Tunnels

The Tunnel is a feature in Bomberman DS and other DS games.


A 3 tile tunnel that connect to the other side of the dual screen. It works very similarly to the passageways from the standard Bomberman games. It appears during most of the Battle Stages of the DS games and occasionally found during some of the Bosses fights in the Normal Mode of Bomberman DS. Player can hide behind and explosions can still pass through them. The general graphic appearance varies depending on the stage theme.

In most cases, it is in generally 6 tunnels that are connected to the other screen, although depending on some Battle Stages, there could be 1 or 3 Tunnels instead of 6. Like for the Passageways, these tunnels are sometimes combined with other traps, such as the Conveyor Belt.

During the Sudden Death in Battle Mode, when the top screen start to be covered with Pressure Blocks, the tunnels will be closed. If any player is caught inside during that time, they will automatically die.

During the bosses fights in the Normal Mode of Bomberman DS, although there is no time limit, in some cases, the lower screen can be filled with Pressures Blocks forcing the player to reach the top screen, and tunnels will be closed in the process. Some bosses fights also have tunnels closed from the beginning, and requires the player to defeat all the enemies appearing in order to open them, and reach the top screen.

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