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I'll snipe your heart!


Tsugaru (ツガル, Tsugaru) is a character in Bombergirl.


She is based on Tsugaru from Konami's Beatmania franchise. She is a Shooter-type oriented Bombergirl.

Tsugaru is a Santa-Type Bombergirl-


Hobby Making Christmas ornaments and growing apples. Apples are great, aren't they?"
Likes "Children of the world who believe in Santa Claus. Ah! And mature clothes that make me look like a lady!!"
Dislikes "Blizzards and barking dogs, and dirty chimneys"
Birthday Unknown
Brand 573 Factory

Basic Abilities[]

HP Max Bomb Max Fire Max Speed
Medium x3 x6 x4


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Tsugaru Skill 1
1. Horn Sniper Rifle Shoot at enemies with a sniper rifle. Team Level 2
(Default Skill)
Tsugaru Skill 2
2. Hyper-Electromagnetic Launcher Performs ultra-long range bombardment that causes an explosion in a forward direction. Causes the user to be stunned for a period of time. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Tsugaru Skill 3
3. Apple Stun Cider Throw a bomb forward that causes a field that stun the players. Team Level 3
(Additional Skill)
Tsugaru Skill 4
4. Holy Night Mass Shoot at enemies continuously with a sniper rifle. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)


  • Tsugaru is the 10th playable character added to Bombergirl.
  • Tsugaru's voice actress in Bombergirl is the same voice actress who voiced the original character she's based on.


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