Trolley artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 manual

The trolley (トロッコ) is a trap that appears in some Bomberman games. A single trolley trap consists of one trolley on one track. When a player touches the trolley while it is idle, that player will jump into the cart, ride it along to the end of the track, and then hop out. As the trolley moves along the tracks, it will detonate bombs, destroy Soft Blocks, and damage players or monsters that are in its path. A player riding a trolley is impervious to all attacks. In some games, the player is also rendered invincible for a short time after exiting the trolley.

Above: The effect of a pressed trolley switch

Sometimes, a switch will be present in a stage containing a trolley. If either the player or a monster steps on the switch, or if an explosion hits the switch, it will alter the course of the track. Each switch has two possible positions. Typically, an encountered switch must be pressed in order to complete the track and allow the player to progress through the stage. If the trolley hits a dead end made by a piece of track that is turned in the wrong way, the trolley will stop and the player will exit; the next time the trolley is entered, it will head toward its previous end position, regardless of whether or not the track is now completed.

In some areas, a trolley track may be divided by a gap, such as a pit or lava. The tracks on either side of the gap curve upward. When the trolley reaches the gap, it will jump and pass over it. In Bomberman World, some trolley tracks have jumps that pass into holes in the wall, taking Bomberman to a different section of the map. Jumping gaps in a trolley may be necessary in order to complete a stage if the stage is divided into sections in this manner.


Trolley artwork from the Super Bomberman 4 manual

In Super Bomberman 4, trolley tracks are generated at the moment when a player enters the trolley, and disappear once more when the player exits the trolley. Each stage that contains a trolley has a set of possible track orientations; the track that appears when a player enters the trolley is chosen at random. All tracks are circuits, as the trolley will end up on the tile that it started on.

In Saturn Bomberman, the trolley is in Western World.



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