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Trent, Bomberman Quest

Trent (トレント Torento) is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It disguises itself as a normal tree and appears in grassy or swampy areas.


Super Bomberman 3

Trent appears disguised as a Soft Block (which take the form of trees in the area in which Trent appears) until Bomberman approaches. It will then reveal itself and move slowly and randomly. If a player comes within its line of sight, it will head in the direction of that player. It takes one bomb blast to destroy, and will damage players on collision.[1] It is possible to destroy a Trent while it is still hidden.

Bomberman Quest

In this game, Trent appears as one of two trees on the map. It spawns three roots from the ground around its body, which pursue the player. The roots do not actively avoid obstacles, but they are invincible. After some time, they disappear, but will be respawned shortly thereafter.

Trent itself is stationary, though it may close its eyes and reopen them on another tree. Colliding with Trent's face will damage the player. It can only be harmed by bombs that have circular explosions. Upon taking damage, Trent may swap places with the other tree.

Trent has 6 HP, and yields the Shield item upon defeat. [2]

Bomberman Tournament

Trent disguises itself as one of the many large, impenetrable trees in . If the player comes too close, it will reveal itself and begin moving randomly at a normal pace. It also follows the player when it is nearby. While it is disguised or revealing itself, it is invulnerable to damage and blocks explosions.

It is called Dryad in the English manual.




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