Trent is the first boss of Bomberman World. Its pilot is Earth Bomber.


  • Trent moves slightly more slowly than Bomberman at minimum speed, walking from side to side at the top of the screen. If Bomberman crosses in front of it, it may stop moving horizontally and walk down to the bottom of the map before returning back to the top and resuming its original pattern. It passes over bombs and will harm Bomberman on collision.
  • Leaf - Trent pauses and spawns three Leaf monsters, which pursue Bomberman. Each Leaf is worth 400 points. If they are not destroyed by explosions, they will eventually disappear.
  • Paralyzing pollen - Trent pauses and shoots three glowing spores toward the bottom of the screen. The middle spore moves directly downward while the other two branch off to the sides. They will damage Bomberman on contact.
  • Bomb rain - Trent pauses and shakes its branches, throwing four bombs in a T shape toward the bottom of the screen. The bombs have a blast range of 4 each, and always land so that their explosions do not extend up or down.


In the U.S. version, the boss is named "Torento".


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