Torisan is a ridable enemy from Neo Bomberman. It comes from a biological Egg.

Torisan moves at a normal pace, turning upon colliding with a wall or bomb. It tends to turn in a consistently clockwise or counterclockwise direction. If it comes within the horizontal or vertical axis of a bomb, and it is within four tile spaces, then it will move toward the bomb. When it collides with a bomb, it uses its special ability to flip it up into the air. It will harm the player on collision.

Upon defeat, Torisan becomes a biological Egg.


When riding Torisan, the player can use the B button to toss bombs up into the air with the monster's beak. Tossed bombs travel up and out of the screen, eventually landing in a random, open spot on the map, which is indicated by a shadow. If an obstacle ends up on the destination spot of the bomb before it lands, it will bounce off of the obstacle, acting as a thrown bomb, and will stun players who are caught in its path.

It cannot hurl bombs that have been placed underwater in Stage 2.


  • The name "Torisan" comes from the Japanese words "tori", meaning "bird", and "san", a general Japanese honorific for someone of the same social status, and can be translated as "Mr." or "Mrs.". A literal translation of the name would be "Mr. Bird".
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