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BL Wii - Tokens

Tokens are items in Bomberman Land Wii.


They are used to play the attractions, which each of them generally cost 1 token. They are given at the start of a round after talking to the Staff Member at the Information Desk of the current zone. The number given varies depending of the zone, round and rule. In addition, extra tokens (1 to 5) may be given depending of the character's style outfit.

Tokens are only valid in the current round of the zone. After the player has spent out all of their tokens, they have to go back to the Information Desk in order to end the round, the round can also be finished earlier after giving back all the tokens at the Information Desk.


In some cases, depending of the rules, the player would only be given 1 token, when this happens, the Information Desk's staff member would not give any extra tokens based on the character's style.