Tokei (トケーイ) is an enemy from Super Bomberman 5. It appears in Zone 5. It is a walking cuckoo clock. It moves slowly, constantly pursuing the player. It stops every time it moves 2 or 3 tile spaces to unleash a spring-loaded cuckoo bird 5 times in a row. The cuckoo bird has a range of 3 and Tokei and the cuckoo bird will both harm the player on contact.

Due to poor AI programming, if there are too many obstacles in between Tokei and the player, it will constantly move back and forth, or repeatedly turn at intersections but then go back the way it came, remaining in the same general area.

Tokei also appears in Bomberman World. Its physical appearance is an alarm clock. Its behavior is similar to that of its original incarnation.


  • The name "Tokei" is a Japanese namesake word that means "clock". This refers to Tokei's appearance; a clock.
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