Tirras, or Tyra (ティラ), are rhino-like creatures that can be ridden by other characters. Similar to Louies, the player can move and jump with them, but their strengths are different.

In Bomberman Fantasy Race, Louies have better control while Tirras have a higher speed. They first appeared in Saturn Bomberman, but have rarely made appearances outside of these two games.

Types of Tirras

Bomberman Fantasy Race

  • Blue Tirra: Faster than the Green Louie, but cannot jump as high.
  • Brave Tirra: Has the best stamina, allowing it to run at top speed in a short course.
  • Flying Tirra: The Tirra with the best jump.
  • Mighty Tirra: Strong defense makes it hard to knock this Tirra down with explosions.
  • Super Tirra: The strongest Tirra, who is an even match for Hyper Louie.
  • King Tirra: After the other Tirras have been purchased, this one becomes available. He has the highest stats and is the most expensive to purchase.


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