Bomberman Wiki

The Time Limit is a recurring gameplay element in the Bomberman series.


In Normal Modes, stages have generally a time limit, and need to be finished under that time. If the timer reachs 0:00, then in some cases, either the player will lose a life or in most cases enemies will keep spammings from the exits, such as Pontans in particular. In most games, the timer can be extended or temporarily stopped by collecting Clocks.

In Multiplayer Modes, things are a bit different. When the timer starts to run out (generally 1 minute or less, but could vary depending of the settings), it triggers the Sudden Death (provided the setting was activated in the menu). It is preceded by a sound effect and "Hurry Up" Message to warn the player beforehand, Revenge Bombers (if activated) will also be removed from the maps. If no players have reached a victory when the timer reaches 0, it will result in a draw.