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The Thunder Bomb is a type of bomb that can send out a blast of electricity. It is also known as the Lightning Bomb in some cases. A lightning bolt is represented in the bomb to indicate it as a thunder bomb.

In the Anime

The Thunder Bomb appeared in the Bomberman Jetters anime. The bomb is used by Mighty, Max, and Thunder Bomber. White Bomber attempted to use the Thunder Bomb but failed many times. However thanks to the help of Bongo and Gangu, White Bomber finally learned how to use it.

Types of Thunder Bombs

In the anime, there are different types of Thunder Bombs used by other characters.

Sunrise Thunder Bomb

The Sunrise Thunder Bomb is White Bomber's version of the Thunder Bomb. The name was given by Bongo and Gangu just when the sun has risen. It debuts in episode 18 and was used to defeat Mermaid Bomber.

After White Bomber's defeat by Mermaid Bomber, he had to figure out what can defeat Mermaid Bomber. Bongo and Gangu, at the time resigned from the Jetters, hatched a plan to help White Bomber figure that a Thunder Bomb is needed to defeat Mermaid Bomber by giving White Bomber hints of different items that represented thunder in a way. The underwear, drums, Bongo dressed in the same outfit as White Bomber, and even demonstrating electricity failed.

Several tries of creating a Thunder Bomb, but all has failed. However, Bongo modifies White Bomber's underwear, making it easier for White Bomber to create Thunder Bombs. White Bomber successfully creates the Thunder Bomb. After defeating Mermaid Bomber with the Sunrise Thunder Bomb, White Bomber's underwear starts to glow, revealing itself as a bomb star. Gangu finally admits that the underwear was just a way to convince White Bomber to be confident enough to create a Thunder Bomb.

Unlike the normal Thunder Bomb, which spreads lightning around the immediate area, the Sunrise Thunder Bomb is a condensed ball of lightning, dealing more damage than a normal Thunder Bomb, although simultaneously making an opponent harder to hit.

Thunder Bolt Bomb

The Thunder Bolt Bomb is Thunder Bomber's version of the Thunder Bomb.


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