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"The Suspicious Health Checkup" is the 39th episode of the Bomberman Jetters series. It was aired on June 25, 2003.[1]



In the beginning, a tired Hige Hige Bandit awakens as Dr. Mechado emerges from a spaceship. Max tells Shirobon that he has a device that can shrink objects and creatures into extremely small sizes, as Shirobon is remorseful about not defeating Max. Shout tells Shirobon his brain wouldn't come up with anything worthwhile enough to defeat Max. Birdy hears Shirobon's and Shout's discussion, with Shirobon wanting to soon practice the Water Bomb.

Bagura arrives at the Cosmos Crystal Golf Club with Mujoe, with Higehige Bandits by their side, but they are shocked that Mechaddo's UFO went on an unexpected mission. Soon, Mechado arrives, showing the men his unique brown coat (that needs no racks), and that he wants to perform a "health checkup" for an alleged cold that's spreading.

The Jetters are taken to a strange volcano planet, which stinks heavily of sweat. Gangu rubs a sweaty shirt on Shirobon's back (as Shirobon angrily cries and squirms), telling him that "a shirt that's soaked from sweat from hard work is a man's prized trophy".

Shirobon angrily stares at a crayfish, and practices his Water Bomb at it, but he misses. Gangu and Bongo shout "You idiot!" at Shirobon, telling him to try again. He does, and his 2nd Water Bomb blasts through the water, dividing Bongo and Gangu through the waves.

Meanwhile, Ein, Birdy and Shout have a discussion about "outsiders". A kappa-like creature (wearing sunglasses and a detective cloak) tells Ein that Bomber Zero (and a girl named Misty) disappeared two days before being met at Dr. Gasket's Lab. Therefore, it was Max who was with Misty. Mechado has also purchased huge quantities of Bomb Element Ore (according to the detective kappa, he also says that Bomb Element Ore is a mineral used to fuel androids, but unless it's the size of a fist or larger, it's useless). And that Mechado only got useless scrap ore. Ein tells Birdy that Max was propelled by a Bio Bomb, and that Bio Bombs are made from Bomb Elements. Birdy explains that Max was resurrected from the dead, and wonders why Max would need so much Bomb Element. Ein isn't sure why.

Suddenly, the building shakes, and a "tsunami" wave occurs. Shout is shocked, she opens the door, and she sees a fatigued, ailing Shirobon holding onto a big log.

A Hige Hige Bandit is seen carrying a brown paper bag filled with batteries, but he drops them all at an opening door (to Mechado's lab). The bandit awakens, and sees Max inside the dark, eerie lab, as if Max is dead, not moving in a metal chair. The bandit runs, screaming, and tugs Mujoe by the sleeve, leading him to the dark lab. However, as Mujoe takes a look, Max is no longer in the chair - he has escaped. Mujoe tells the bandit that today, the bandits must have a health exam by Mechaddo.

Shirobon awakens and feels better, and is talking to Birdy. Shirobon is upset about being left without Shout or Birdy, so he has a hissy fit, with small scrapes/cuts on his face from before. Shout asks him why he came back to her, Shirobon explains he wants to do additional training (and that he perfected the Water Bomb). Birdy explains that Max's bombs are lighting bombs, so Shirobon's Water Bombs won't work against Max. In anger, Shirobon shivers and yells "Crap!" several times, as Shout catches a coffee cup from Shirobon's head.

Birdy goes out into the dark wilderness, searching for Max, knowing that Max isn't dead anymore. Ein is shocked, and tells Birdy it's useless trying to find Mighty (and he wouldn't be happy at Birdy being with Max). Birdy feels like a coward, and wants to leave the Jetters, walking away from Ein. Birdy wanders through space, searching for Mighty,


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