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"The Sunrise Bomb of Frienship" is the eighteenth episode, airing on January 29, 2003.[1]


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At the desert oasis, Mermaid asks about how the five star hotel is coming along. Mujoe didn't know she was building a resort and Mujoe gets mad at her. She then ignores him and says she wants a date with Birdy. Mujoe still says she should date anyone but Birdy, but Mermaid yells that he is her honey and Birdy, back at the Jetters camp, freaks out. But White Bomber is trying to figure out what water is weak to. That night, White Bomber goes outside and thinks about what is strong against water and sees yellow and black underwear. He puts them on, but it was a hint from Bongo and Gangu that thunder is strong to water. They leave more hints, but White Bomber still doesn't get it, until Bongo just tells him that its thunder. White Bomber asks if they will train him, and they will. Bongo and Gangu train him and say that the underwear will help White Bomber throw a thunder bomb. He throws a successful thunder bomb. The sun is rising and Gangu names the bomb, the sunrise thunder bomb. Gangu and Bongo then leave. In the morning, a hige steals Birdy's phone number. Mermaid gets the number and she calls Birdy. Birdy wants to stay behind, so Shout and White Bomber go. They arrived and Mermaid doesn't see Birdy. She realizes he isn't there and accuses White Bomber for getting in the way of her date on purpose. Mermaid then calls the battle field. Mermaid starts the battle with a splash water bomb, but White Bomber dives underwaterand avoids the bomb. Mermaid throws another because she is having a temper tantrum because she wants to go on a date. White Bomber gets hit and the underwear gets washed away. Bongo and Gangu throw White Bomber another underwear and White Bomber puts it on. He throws a thunder bomb and hits Mermaid Bomber and wins. Mujoe wishes that he had treated her better before she got killed. He then gets the ginormous bill from all of Mermaid's shopping and he freaks out. The Jetters get the binoculars back and Bongo and Gangu tell White Bomber that the underwear didn't do anything. The underwear then becomes White Bomber's third bomb star. White Bomber convinces Gangu and Bongo to rejoin the Jetters. He then does his thing where he strikes a pose and brags about his star, but Shout gets mad and beats him up. In the end, Mermaid's hotel actually became a five star resort.


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