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"The Longest Day of Mighty's Life" is the 22nd episode of the Bomberman Jetters series. It was aired on February 26, 2003.[1]


Mighty had, what he recalls, the longest day of his entire life.


While driving his taxi through the rain, Birdy thinks about Max being Mighty. He doesn't really believe that Max really is Mighty though. At the bar, Mujoe is upset about Thunder Bomber being his only elemental bomber left. He gets a call from Bagura and gets demoted to a mailman. The Jetters get a call that the hige hige dan are after a unique beach ball. Birdy isn't there again and everyone else wonders where he his, but Shout is on the verge of finding that out.

Mechadoc and Thunder Bomber are the ones going for the beach ball. Thunder tells Mechadoc that Max is trying to get rid of Mujoe. Mechadoc pretty much ignores himand they both arrive at a mob of seals. The Jetters already got the ball and Thunder challenges White Bomber. But instead, Mechadoc traps White Bomber on a chair with a balloon filled with dangerous water. Mechadoc says its VERY dangerous and gets on a train with a needle to pop the balloon. Instead of instantly charging, Mechadoc wants to trade the boy for the ball. Suddenly a bomb comes out of nowhere and creates a ton of smoke. The ball got stolen none other than by Max. Then Birdy steals the ball back. White Bomber calls Max his brother and everyone notices.

Birdy jumps to Max but gets hit with a Thunder Bomb and falls back. Max inches closer to the ball, but Birdy shoots him with a feather. Max leaves and White Bomber calls him brother again. Back at the Planet Jetters, White Bomber gets in Birdy's taxi. They start to talk about the day that Mighty disappeared. They got shot with the lasers and were pretty hurt. The Jetters got assigned another mission on Planet Nonbiri. They then head there, but Birdy passes out because he was more hurt then he thought. He gets told that Mighty already went to the hige hige dan HQ by himself.

Mighty beat them there and went to another stronghold to eradicate more members. A big explosion destroyed the place and when Birdy got there he only found Mighty's badge. Birdy says he doesn't know whether Max is Mighty or not, but he does say there is a difference in their bombs. Max's was rough and sharp while Mighty's were gentle and smooth. Talks about their bombs some more, but White Bomber just storms off. White Bomber says he doesn't know what to do anymore and that he will just continue to believe that Max is Mighty. Birdy then gets a call from Nightly and Nightly says there is someone with info on Mighty.


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