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The Cockle Twins, known as Kanigozen in Japan, are the fifth boss in Bomberman '93. They are two large coral red mutant cockles and are supposedly twin brothers. They appears on Planet Surf.


The Cockle Twins move in opposite directions (left and right). They can not move up and down. When they spot Bomberman, they stop and create a vertical line of bubbles, which harms Bomberman on impact and erase bombs. When the Cockle Twins are sitting down, they are vulnerable to getting hit. After 2 hits, they spawn up to four coral-enemies at a time. When one of them is defeated, the other will be remaining.

Each of them takes 5 hits to defeat and yields a score of 30000 points, making a total of 60000 points. Upon their defeat, the player will gain the fifth chip.


In The Cockle Twins' comedic scene after being defeated, the scene varies depending on the language ports. In the Japanese version of Bomberman '93, Bomberman appears riding the Cockle Twins with a beer mug and a package of imitation crab meat sticks in his hands while singing. While in the American version, Bomberman appears riding the Cockle Twins with the double peace/double-V sign gesture while singing. This is the first and only alcohol reference in a Bomberman game.