The Cockle Twins (Kanigozen in Japan) are the fifth boss in Bomberman '93. They resemble two large coral crabs. They appears on Planet Surf.


The two crabs move in opposite directions (left and right). They can not move up and down. When they spot Bomberman, they stop and create a vertical line of bubbles, which harm Bomberman on impact and erase bombs. When the two crabs are sitting down, they are vulnerable to targets. After 2 hits, they spawn up to four coral-enemies at a time. They require 5 hits to be defeated. After their defeat, Bomberman recoveres the fifth chip.


  • In screenshots of The Cockle Twins defeated, the Japanese version of Bomberman '93, originally Bomberman appears riding a Cockle with a beer mug and one kani kama in your hands. In the American version, Bomberman appears walking Cockle with nothing in hand.


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