Prison Planet Thantos (Death Star in Japanese) can be the sixth or seventh planet explored in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! depending upon the player's choice. The theme of this planet is graffiti which can be seen in every room, though other than that it is designed any other world. Further into the level, posters of Ashtarth and an early version of Baelfael can be seen advertising the BHB Army. This version of Baelfael is yellow, with a more pronounced flame-like head.

The passage you take to battle Bulzeeb, the boss of this world, is an elevator that is powered by electricity that you must use a lightning bomb on in order to fire it up. You fight on top of the main tower of Thantos. Once he is defeated, major plot details are given, and Bulzeeb gives Bomberman the Shadow Stone.

One type of enemy has a metal head, one rides a motorcycle and cannot be stunned, one is a rat of darkness that can be killed by one hit from a Light Bomb, and bombs explode on contact with it. There are also steamrollers, and zombies that can also be killed with one hit from a Light Bomb.


  • As this planet, along with Epikyur, are not listed in the instruction booklet, the enemies here are never given official names.
  • The planet's English-localized name, Thantos, is a reference to Thanatos. Its original Japanese name, Death Star, is a reference to Star Wars.
  • The English titles of Alcatraz and Thantos appear to be accidentally swapped - Alcatraz is actually the Prison Planet, while Thantos should be the Lost Planet. This planet's Japanese title translates to "Exiled Planet", suggesting it was meant to keep people out rather than in.
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