Terrorin is the final boss of Super Bomberman 5. He is the creator of Terrorin World, and the leader of the Criminal Bombers, whom he uses to try and conquer Planet Bomber. Depending on which stage you face him, he will have a different number of forms and will give a different ending. If you face him at stage 5-I, you will face three forms and receive the good ending. If you face him at stage 5-J, you will face his first two forms and receive the bad ending.

Boss Fight

Machine - Form One

Terrorin appears in a large, flying, alarm clock shaped machine. The two bells on the alarm clock will move down to the sides of the machine and slide open to release three bombs from each side. The only time you can damage this form is when the bomb panels are open.

Machine - Form Two

Terrorin's machine will explode and fall apart to reveal a 2nd form. The machine appears to be bat-like with a strange fin on the bottom and the two bells outstretched like arms. Terrorin will hover across the arena before moving to the top of the screen and charging towards Bomberman, temporarily freezing him in place when it reaches the bottom of the stage. This effect can be negated, however, if the player runs to the edge of the level, and then runs away before falling off. The body of the ship will lower during this motion and make it vulnerable to attack.


If you are going to receive the good ending, you will face Terrorin himself before doing so. If not, the bad ending will begin playing. Now that his machine is destroyed, Terrorin will face you on foot in a classic-styled boss battle. He beams down into the arena while laughing before the fight. He is incredibly fast and moves more quickly than any other boss in the game. Every so often, he will stop and create a blue 5x5 force-field around him that will kill Bomberman if he touches it. When the attack is almost finished, he will throw out a Clock item (even though there is unlimited time during the fight) that will freeze Bomberman if he collects it, but you can freeze him if you get it first. Being frozen can also be negated if the player temporarily stays on the very edge of the arena. After five hits, he will be defeated and the good ending will play.


  • All of the hard blocks in the arena will have a red T on them.
  • During the bad ending, it will show Terrorin escaping with the Criminal Bombers.
  • During the good ending, Terrorin will be destroyed and Shiro returns the Criminal Bombers to their cells in Bomber Penitentiary.


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