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BW - Teebo - 01

Teebo (ティーボ, Tībo) is a rideable armor character in Bomberman World. It is a rabbit that bears a strong resemblance to Kepo.


It was first showcased by Earth Bomber, before he sealed the armor away. When Earth Bomber was defeated, the seal was broken, and Bomberman would be able to ride it and it could then be used for the next fight.

  • Standard ability: Jump two tile spaces over blocks and bombs.
  • Special ability: Jump to detonate bombs on screen while freezing enemies and the timer for 8 seconds.


  • Teebo could only be used for the Trent fight, after having defeated it, Teebo will not be available again.
  • Teebo was supposed to appear in Virtual Bomberman, but the game was cancelled. On its artwork, it was white in color instead of yellow.
  • Teebo's appearance is very similar to Kepo.