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Swallow Ball Bomber is a Super Combined Bombermen debuting in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 38. It is a combination between a swallow and a soccer ball. It was created to steal the unique, extremely small warp device.

Once the Jetters found out that the Hige Hige Bandits are in Dr. Gaskets's laborator, the Jetters appear in front of the bandits. Swallow Ball Bomber kicks a Friend Bomb at the Jetters but misses. However, it hits the safe containing the small warp device. Shout grabs the warp device, and Swallow Ball Bomber attempts to grab the device. Shout throws the device to Gangu who throws it to Bongo. Swallow Ball Bomber is now exhausted. However, Mujoe steps in and grabs the device from Gangu. Mujoe and Swallow Ball Bomber step outside, and the two get carried away and played a game of football. Swallow Ball Bomber kicks the device, however, it breaks, and the two shocked in the process. Soon, White Bomber throws a Burning Fire Bomb, defeating Swallow Ball Bomber.


Swallow Ball Bomber is a combination between a swallow and a soccer ball. Its body mainly consists of the soccer ball. Its head, arms, and legs are part of the swallow.


Friend Bomb

  • Friend Bomb - It fires a Friend Bomb at its opponents.
  • Kick - As part of a soccer ball, it is capable of kicking objects.


  • It is one of the three Super Combined Bombermen not shown to be combined on screen. The others are Amefuto Jigora Bomber and Crab Bazooka Bomber.
  • Swallow Ball is the last Super Combined Bomberman created by Mujoe.

Name of Origin

Swallow is a type of bird, giving it the appearance of a bird, while Ball is given to the fact that is was combined from a soccer ball.