Surprise Floor (びっくりふろあ) is the sixth stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 4. It appears to take place in a castle that is filled with treasure chest Soft Blocks. The featured traps here are the Surprise Floor and Trick Floor.

(Note: The number of Egg items within parentheses is an extra amount that may or may not appear at random in a match.)

Surprise Floor 6-1


Surprise Floor 6-2

Password: 4622
Players start next to each other in the middle of the stage. The four Trick Floors are linked in diagonal pairs.

Surprise Floor 6-3

Password: 0520
The four Trick Floors are linked in two pairs such that players may escape from one side of the map to the opposite side.

Surprise Floor 6-4

Password: 0903
The arena is divided by Hard Blocks into three rows. Each Trick Floor is linked to the one that is nearest to it, so players may use them to hop across the Hard Block barriers.


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