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The Super Power Glove is a stronger version of the Power Glove. It appears only in some Bomberman games. The icon looks the same as the Power Glove except the glove is yellow, It usually appears as an Optional item (You can add up to 9 of these in the Custom item screen that appears in some games).


This glove can be used to lift bombs like the original glove except there is a difference. If the player holds the bomb for a few seconds, it will grow and become a Dangerous Bomb. You can use the dangerous bomb to defeat opponents who are in corners or small areas.

Lack of Appearance

The Super Power Glove has only appeared in a few games and some may wonder why. In some games like Bomberman 64 and The Second Attack, if you hold the bomb it will grow naturally so the function is already there. Otherwise the reason for it not being used is unknown.