Super Bomberman 5 is the last Super Bomberman game released for the Super Famicom. It was released in Japan in 1997.


Planet Bomber was a peaceful place until one day when the evil Terrorin appeared. He entered Bomber Penitentiary and released the Fiendish Bombers from their cells. They agreed to help Terrorin to help conquer the universe in exchange for their freedom. When Bomberman heard of this, he and Black Bomberman, along with their Rooi companions, set off to defeat the Fiendish Bombers and stop Terrorin's evil plan.

Normal Game

Super Bomberman 5 is a non-linear game. The player must defeat all enemies on the stage to clear it and, after doing so, several exits will appear. The player can enter any exit they choose. Each exit will take them to a different stage and along a different route to clearing the game. If the exit that appears is golden, it leads to a new stage. If it is blue, it leads to a stage previously completed. The player can use these color coded exits to work on reaching 100% completion for their file.

Terrorin World

"The enemy that has appeared before Bomberman this time is the self-styled Emperor of an alternate dimension, "Terrorin". Suddenly appearing from an other-dimensional space, he created Terrorin World, took the name of Emperor, and steeped himself in mystery. He has sprung the 8 "Fiendish Bombermen" from "Bomber Penitentiary" -- which was even said to be "the most strongly guarded in the universe" -- has made them his subordinates, and has begun his invasion. So as to protect the peace of Bomber World, Bomberman challenges the alternate-dimensional world that "Terrorin" has created!"

Terrorin World is where the entirety of the Normal Game takes place. It is divided up into 5 areas, or "Zones"; each of the first 4 zones is themed after one of the previous Super Bomberman games, and each level in that zone uses that game's enemies, gimmicks, and scenery. The 5th and final zone contains all new worlds.

A boss battle with one of the Fiendish Bombers awaits Bomberman at the end of each zone.


Battle Game Stages


Battle Group 2 - 4622
Battle Group 3 - 0413
Battle Group 4 - 0926
Boss Rush - 3879
Start Battle Game with extra items - 4737
Start boss rush with extra items - 0719
Start Normal Game with extra items - 2657
Start Normal Game with 9 lives and 8 minutes - 5656
Transform soft blocks in battle mode into power-ups - 0110
Unlock CPU level 4 - 1103
View bad ending - 0803
View good ending - 1999


Super Bomberman 5 was designed to commemorate the Super Bomberman series, and as such, many of its songs are remixes from the first 4 games. Yasuhiko Fukuda was brought back to remix the game's Super Bomberman 2 songs, while the rest of the music was personally composed by series-veteran Jun Chiki Chikuma.


The Super Bomberman 5 staff



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