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Super Bomberman 5 (スーパーボンバーマン5, Sūpā Bonbāman 5) is an action puzzle game developed and published by Hudson Soft and released for the Super Famicom in 1997 in Japan only. It is the last game in the Super Bomberman series.


Planet Bomber was a peaceful place until one day when the evil Terrorin appeared. He entered Bomber Penitentiary and released the Fiendish Bombers from their cells. They agreed to help Terrorin to help conquer the universe in exchange for their freedom. When Bomberman heard of this, he and Black Bomberman, along with their Rooi companions, set off to defeat the Fiendish Bombers and stop Terrorin's evil plan.

Terrorin World[]

"The enemy that has appeared before Bomberman this time is the self-styled Emperor of an alternate dimension, "Terrorin". Suddenly appearing from an other-dimensional space, he created Terrorin World, took the name of Emperor, and steeped himself in mystery. He has sprung the 8 "Fiendish Bombermen" from "Bomber Penitentiary" -- which was even said to be "the most strongly guarded in the universe" -- has made them his subordinates, and has begun his invasion. So as to protect the peace of Bomber World, Bomberman challenges the alternate-dimensional world that "Terrorin" has created!"

Terrorin World is where the entirety of the Normal Game takes place. It is divided up into 5 areas, or "Zones"; each of the first 4 zones is themed after one of the previous Super Bomberman games, and each level in that zone uses that game's enemies, gimmicks, and scenery. The 5th and final zone contains all new worlds.

A boss battle with one of the Fiendish Bombers awaits Bomberman at the end of each zone.

Normal Game[]

Super Bomberman 5 is a non-linear game. The player must defeat all enemies on the stage to clear it and, after doing so, several exits will appear. The player can enter any exit they choose. Each exit will take them to a different stage and along a different route to clearing the game. If the exit that appears is golden, it leads to a new stage. If it is blue, it leads to a stage previously completed. The player can use these color coded exits to work on reaching 100% completion for their file.

Once the player has reached 100% completion on a file, three things happen:

  • The player recieves a random, game-altering Password.
  • The Golden Bomber becomes a playable character in the Battle Game.
  • The player can select their 100% complete file to start an "Encore Game".

Like the previous entry, this mode can be played in 2P cooperation mode. Black Bomberman being controlled by player 2.

Encore Game[]

In this game mode, all stages are roughly the same as in Normal Game, but with one notable exception: some Power-Ups are re-arranged in some stages. For example, Zone 1-1 sees its Fire-Up item replaced with a Pierce Bomb.

The goal of Encore Game is to get 200% completion rate. To do this, the player has to beat and unlock all of the levels, once more. Beating all of the stages gives the player two random passwords, but nothing else of note happens.


Battle Game Stages[]

Like most games in the series, this one has:

Note: Stages 11 through 13 can only be accessed on the normal cart by using a Hudson Super Joy Card controller, setting the Turbo Fire to the middle setting and holding X on the title screen, alternatively, it can also be done by pressing the X button repeatedly on a moderate and constant rate for about 5-6 seconds until a Sound effect is heard. These stages are automatically unlocked on the gold cart, however.


The following passwords can be entered under the Options menu to change certain aspects of the game. Please note, only one password can be used at any given time.

Normal Game Passwords[]

These passwords allow players to select a file and make progress in the Normal Game, but with added effects.

Password Effect
2657 Both players have extra items*
5656 Start with 9 lives and 8:00 time

Battle Game Passwords[]

These passwords alter the way Battle Game mode works.

Password Effect
4622 Change stage layouts (Group 2)
0413 Change stage layouts (Group 3)
0926 Change stage layouts (Group 4)
4737 All players have extra items*
0110 Stage 1: Usually is completely flooded with Power-Ups
1103 Permanently unlock Computer Level 4 (Super)

Other Passwords[]

These are just some miscellaneous passwords for a couple different things.

Password Effect
3879 Boss Rush (Fight all bosses*)
0719 Boss Rush - Both players have extra items*
0803 Watch the bad ending (from Zone 5-J)
1999 Watch the good ending (from Zone 5-I)


Super Bomberman 5 was designed to commemorate the Super Bomberman series, and as such, many of its songs are remixes from the first 4 games. Yasuhiko Fukuda was brought back to remix the game's Super Bomberman 2 songs, while the rest of the music was personally composed by series-veteran Jun Chiki Chikuma.


The Super Bomberman 5 staff



  • Super Bomberman 5 marks the first inclusion of the save system to the Bomberman series.


Super Bomberman 5 manual, pages 8 and 15
Super Bomberman 5 Hudson Soft Guidebook, pages 42 and 43

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