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Super Bomberman 2 (スーパーボンバーマン2, Sūpābonbāman 2) is an action puzzle game for the Super Nintendo released in 1994. It is the second game in the Super Bomberman series.


Five alien cyborgs, calling themselves the Five Dastardly Bombers, arrive on planet Earth seeking the original Bomberman. Bomberman attempts to fight them off, but is taken captive on their space ship. He awakens in a prison cell in Magnet Bomber's base and must battle his way to freedom.[1]


The player must use bombs to defeat all the enemies and destroy all of the Capsules in the stage. This will open the exit, which the player can enter in order to advance to the next stage. There are eight areas in each world, six areas are normal areas and the final two are boss areas.


Battle game

The Battle Game supports up to four players. Players can battle


in a Single Match or a Tag Match. A new Battle Game setting, the Golden Bomber, was introduced in this game. With this feature enabled, the winning player of a match will be taken to a roulette-type mini game where they will win 1 of 6 items for the next set of battles: the Bomb-Up, the Speed-Up, the Power Glove, the Kick, the Heart, and the Geta. The winner will return as a Golden Bomberman for the next match.[2]



Super Bomberman 2 has several passwords that allow players

Milon From Milon's Secret Castle.

to access the first stage of each world. When a power password is used the player begins the first stage of that world with 6 bombs, a blast-radius of 6, a speed of 3, the Power Glove, and the Remote Control.

Passwords:Nothing.pngNothing.png Nothing.png Nothing.pngPower Passwords:
Stage 1-1 - 4361 Nothing.png Nothing.png Stage 1-1 - 1111
Stage 2-1 - 6442 Nothing.png Nothing.png Stage 2-1 - 5462
Stage 3-1 - 3903 Nothing.png Nothing.png Stage 3-1 - 6763
Stage 4-1 - 9564 Nothing.png Nothing.png Stage 4-1 - 8784
Stage 5-1 - 7735 Nothing.png Nothing.png Stage 5-1 - 6925

Sudden Death - 5656

This password is for the Battle Game. It causes the hard blocks that fall as the time is running out to keep falling until they fill up the entire stage, killing all the players. Using this Game Genie code will achieve the same effect: DD2F8F6F

Other cheats

Bomberman's various color palettes. 1-15 are the interchangeable Battle Game palettes, 16 is Bomberman's Normal Game palette, 17 is the infected palette, and 18 is the Gold Bomberman, the winner of the G-Bomber minigame.

  • By pressing the Select button at the player selection screen, up to fifteen different color sets can be chosen for the player's Bomberman.[3] This also affects the player's bomb and bomb explosion colors.
  • Pressing "X" repeatedly at the title screen until the pause jingle is heard will unlock 2 additional stages for the Battle Game.[4] However, they become locked again when the power is turned off. They will stay unlocked if the following Game Genie code is left on: DF4CED7D
  • To enable jumping in all the Battle Game stages, press the "A" button on 5th controller during one of the configuration screens.[5] This is the Game Genie equivalent of having done so: DD1E5F6F


  • This is the only game in the standard Super Bomberman series to not allow 2 player co-op in the Normal Game.
  • In addition to using bomb explosions, the player can use the Power Glove item to damage enemies and bosses with thrown bombs.
  • The full map theme isn't heard in the game.
  • The sound effect for picking up the Kick item and picking up an apple item is actually someone saying the word "kick".
  • Pretty Bomber's defeat replaces the normal victory music with a moment of silence.
  • This is the last SNES Bomberman game to be released in North America, Super Bomberman 3 would only be released in Japan and Europe, while Super Bomberman 4 and 5 (as well as Panic Bomber W) would be exclusive to Japan



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