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Sudden Death in Super Bomberman R

Sudden Death is a recurring setting in the Battle Game in the Bomberman series.


Sudden Death restricts player movement and makes the battle much more dangerous as the timer begins to run out. The message "Hurry Up!" appears, along with an accompanying soundbite, as Sudden Death begins, and the Revenge Bombers and Ghost Bombers (if available) will be removed from the maps.

The traditional form is Pressure Blocks falling out of nowhere in a steady stream to shrink the battlefield and flatten players caught beneath them. Depending on the game, this may or may not continue until the battlefield is completely covered in blocks. In any event, Sudden Death will end once a winner has been decided (or the game has ended in a draw). The Hard Blocks usually fall in a clockwise pattern looping around the stage, starting in the upper-left, but some games have an option to randomize their drop pattern. Sudden Death generally only occurs in traditional elimination-style Battle Mode matches.

In Bomberman World and Bomberman GB 3, the Sudden Death also appears in Challenge Mode (only during the "stage" part), this time working differently like it does in Battle Mode. The left part of the map is completely covered first, and then the right part.

In Bomberman DS, in the Battle Mode, the blocks erupt from the ground row-by-row, starting from the bottom, covering first entirely the lower screen then reaching the top screen. If there are tunnels (that connect to the top screen), the tunnels will automatically close as soon as the blocks fall in the top screen; if there are players inside the tunnels during the closure, they will automatically die. As usual, the Pressure Blocks are still lethal to players caught where they appear. The Pressure Blocks will also cover and destroy any traps with the exception of Pipes and Bomb Shooters.

Although there is no time limit during the boss fights in Bomberman DS, in some cases, during certain phases, the lower screen can be filled with Pressures Blocks forcing the player to reach the upper part of the screen, and tunnels will be closed in the process.

Bomberman 64[]

The Bomberman 64 games (Bomberman 64 and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack) use the engine of their Normal Modes for the Battle Game instead of the traditional grid-based style. As a result, their Sudden Death is a bit different. It varies depending on the arena, and can take the form of the walls closing in (swallowing up and killing players who don't retreat to the center), the arena sinking down into a deadly liquid, or fireballs raining down from the sky.


Fireballs rain down from the sky.

Featured in: Rock Garden, Field of Grass, Sea Sick, Lost at Sea

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The "Submersion" sudden death at the Pyramid


The arena sinks down into water.

Featured in: Pyramid, Up & Down

Wall Press[]

The walls close in.

Try to stay alive in battle at this point.

Featured in: Greedy Trap, Top Rules, In the Gutter, Blizzard Battle

Bomberman Ultra[]

In every game map, hard blocks will start falling from the sky, in a clockwise direction (or else falling on random spaces), during the last forty seconds of the match. However, for safety's sake, this does not count for Zombie and Paint Bomb modes.