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The Steel Sphere[1] (鉄球, Iron Sphere, in Japan) is a trap that appears in Super Bomberman 2.


It is an invincible metal ball that moves back and forth along a track, blocking the player, enemies, and explosions that run into them, much like a Hard Block.

If Bomberman is standing in the path of a Steel Sphere, it will push him along. If it pushes him into the edge of the platform, he will fall off and the player will lose a life.[2] While Bomberman is being pushed, he cannot walk along the track; the only way to escape is to turn and move in a perpendicular direction away from the track, provided that there is a space off of the side of the track to move onto.

The Steel Sphere's "Hard Block" collision area only moves one tile space at a time. This is most noticeable if the player attempts to move against the Sphere from the opposite direction of which it is moving.

Bombs cannot be placed on the track of a Steel Sphere. If a bomb is kicked into the track, it will stop before it. Thrown bombs will bounce over both the track and the Iron Sphere. Explosions, however, will pass over the track.

An enemy approaching a track will stop and wait before moving onto it if the Steel Sphere on that track is moving in its direction. Enemies can pass through Steel Spheres if they are stopped in the middle of the track. For example, when an enemy and a Steel Sphere move toward each other, the enemy will pause and wait upon colliding with the Sphere, and will continue moving once the Sphere passes through it.

The Steel Sphere itself will never stop moving under any circumstances.


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